UNICEF's Climate Comic Contest

How might we design a workshop to create an earth-saving super hero? How might we facilitate climate change learning for kids? 


UNICEF’s Climate Change Comic Contest gives children and youth from around the world the chance to create a superhero and produce a comic book on saving the planet. The book will be part of the Comics Uniting Nations library of comics that illustrate the super powers needed to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that all countries agreed to accomplish by the year of 2030.


Roles: Design Strategy and Experience Consultant, Workshop Designer

Methods: Design thinking approaches, workshop sessions

Collaborators: Gonzalo Rovegno, Callie Anne King-Buffay, Kristen Cordero

Partners: Unicef's World's Largest Lesson

SDD's icons

SDD's icons




By the end of this classroom activity or workshop, the student/participant will have creatively translated their learnings about climate change into a character and storyline. This will ideally result in the student’s improved understanding of how to combat climate change and applied practice in writing and/or illustrating.



1. Research and Ideation

Building up in previous research about how middle schoolers internalize concepts and our personal experience in education we ideated a workshop that consists in three main activities: internalizing and reflecting, identifying and analyzing, and ideating and proposing.




2. Workshop Testing

Feedback: To have more time to develop their idea, to have an open submission platform, more clarity in the steps and mechanics, among others.



3. Refining and Presenting

Workshop facilitation at the UNICEF Headquarters.