Unicef  Activate Talks Agenda 2030

How might we engage with young population in a global scale? Is it possible to unpack the challenges of the 2030 Agenda? How might we communicate those challenges and create energy around them?


UNICEF and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

In September of 2015, world leaders set a transformational course for the future of human development with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Millions of people were involved in crafting this global agenda-- governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, the UN system and concerned individuals, including children and youth. These stakeholders and others are now actively involved in implementing this agenda from the local to the global levels so that all people -- including all children -- will live in a safer, cleaner, more equal and more prosperous world by the year 2030. 

UNICEF is committed to supporting the successful implementation of the SDGs, working with a diverse group of partners to see that the Goals deliver results for every child and for generations to come. 

Source: unicef.com

  • Roles: Design researcher and experience expert.

  • Methods: Human-centered design approaches, participatory research

  • Collaborators: Unicef team: Callie-Anne King Buffay

  • Partners: Activate Talks

  • Project Implemented: Oceans Activate Talk  





UNICEF's Activate Talks aim to highlight the leadership role young people have in protecting the planet. In specific the Oceans Talk aimed to reaise awareness on how our daily lives affect the oceans and how the oceans affect our daily lives. 

1. Problem Discovery

After being part of their first event and rounds of questions with the team I identified their main struggles:

The Activate Talks function as a bridge of communication between the SDG and young inhabitants of New York City.

The Activate Talks function as a bridge of communication between the SDG and young inhabitants of New York City.

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2. Proposal and Implementation

How to create and interactive event designed to inform, guide and invite to action?

The Boards

With interactive feedback points that connect the informatory sessions with participants to engage, gather data, and make a call for action during and after the event


The impact of this activity was not only to engage and gather insights for people but also it functions as evidence that the UNICEF team can use in order to advocate for this issues when
negotiating with governments.